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Support Responsible Breeders!!
Working to provide ACCURATE information about rabbits. Breeders & Pet Owners are Welcome

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Want to Join The Rabbit Education Society? We have a mailing list so sign up and join our group! Rabbit care info pamphlets also available to download on the list

Learn how PAWS will make it difficult to buy a quality pet

RABBIT'S AREN'T JUST FOR EASTER! Learn about them and their care and, if you decide they are the pet for you, please visit your local Breeder. Irresponsible & ignorant pet owners are to blame for rabbits ending up in the shelters, not responsible breeders. It's time to place the blame where it really belongs!

Exposing the rabbit myths Uterine Cancer Facts Guidelines For Show Rabbit Breeders
Rabbit Shelter & Abandonment Information Animal Rights Movment Threat & Information Rabbit Legislation
RES Survey Results Resources to Find Breeders Rabbits and Zoning Issues

Join the Fight to Protect Our Rights!

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